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Stephen Alter: An American Author

Stephen Alter (born 1956) is an American author, primarily of non-fiction but also of fiction, who was born and raised in India, where he grew up as the son of missionaries. Accordingly, he was a Third Culture Kid (TCK), and his writings are generally described as Indo-nostalgic. His childhood was spent primarily in the small British Raj-era hill station of Landour in the Lower Western Himalaya -- which has, conveniently, provided a catchy title for one of his more successful (autobiographical) titles: "All the Way to Heaven: An American Boyhood in the Himalayas". Attention-grabbing titles would appear to be an Alter hallmark -- "Sacred Waters: A Pilgrimage Up the Ganges River" is another of his titles. More Info

Top Selling Books of Stephen Alter:

1. All the Way to Heaven

2. Neglected Lives

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Shashi Tharoor (Malayalam: born 9 March 1956 in London) was an Indian diplomat at the United Nations. In 2006, he was the official candidate of India for the office of United Nations Secretary-General, and came second out of seven official candidates in the race. Tharoor served as the UN Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information between June 2002 and February 2007, during the term of Secretary-General Kofi Annan. He is an author, journalist, and fellow of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy. Tharoor is an Indian national, from the state of Kerala. In India, Tharoor studied at Montfort School in Yercaud, Bombay Scottish School and Campion School in Mumbai, attended High School at St. Xavier’s Collegiate School in Kolkata and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. While at St. Stephen’s Tharoor was actively involved in the Debating Society, which is where he cultivated his Received Pronunciation accent, Quiz Club, and Students’ Union, of which he was the elected President. He then completed a Ph.D at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Massachusetts, where he also earned two Master’s degrees. Read More

Top Selling Books of Shashi Tharoor:

1. Show Business

2. Riot

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Shakespeare: An English Writer

William Shakespeare is considered by many to be the greatest writer in the English language, as well as one of the greatest in Western literature, and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. For over 400 years, his work has been performed, read and analysed by millions.

Shakespeare is believed to have produced most of his work between 1586 and 1616, although the exact dates and chronology of the plays attributed to him are often uncertain. He is counted among the very few playwrights who have excelled in both tragedy and comedy, and his plays combine popular appeal with complex characterisation, poetic grandeur and philosophical depth. Read More

Top Selling Books of  Shakespeare:

1. Parivartan

2. Til Ka Tad

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Herbert Schildt is an American computer science author whose books, particularly on C programming, have been best-sellers in three decades. Schildt is a computer science author who holds both graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). His earliest books were published in the 1985-1986 time frame. (The book Advanced Modula-2 from 1987 says on the cover that it is his sixth book.) Read More

Top Selling Books of Herbert Schildt:

1. C: The Complete Reference

2. MFC Programming from the Ground Up

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Dr. Ram Nath Sharma, M.A. D.Litt. President U.P. Philosophers Association for a decade. LMI: Indian Philosophical Association and Darshan Parishad; Director: Sri Aurobindo Research Institute; Chief Editor: Research Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Head of the Department of P.G. Studies and Research at Meerut P.G. Studies and Research at Meerut College for two decades. Guided three dozen Ph.D's Author of more than one hundred research papers and an equal number of booksin the field of Philosophy, Sociology,Education and Psychology. An Authority on Sri Aurobindo and Indian Psycology, Dr. Sharma has always been keen to take up any important problem to present it in a book form.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of Ram Nath Sharma:



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R.K. Gupta: An Indian Books Author

Shri R.K. Gupta, is a disciple of one of the greatest saints of the Naqshbandi Order Thakur Ram Singh Ji, an officer in the Police Department of the erstwhile Jaipur State, who earned his livelihood by the sweat of his brow and reared his family. During his lifetime itself he had become a legendary figures because of his honesty and sincerity, and devotion to his Master Mahatma Ram Chandra ji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, UP. Born in 1950, the author had the fortune to visit his Master at the young age of 15 years, when his father, Dr. Chandra Gupta, took him to the pious feet of Thakur Ram Singh Ji. A man of few words, Thakur Ram singh ji left a deep impression and sowed the seed of Love in the heart of the author, in the first sight itself. The author spend his formative years from 1966 to 1970 under the gracious auspices of Thakur Ram Singh Ji and thereafter under Dr. Chandra Gupta, his father, who also was a great Sufi Master.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of R. K. Gupta:

1. Golden English VI

2. Golden English Communicative IX

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Pico Iyer (born 1957) is a British-born essayist and novelist of Indian descent. Iyer was born in Oxford, England, the son of the Tamil philosopher and theosophist Raghavan N. Iyer and the religious scholar Nandini Nanak Mehta. When he was seven, his family moved to California, and for more than a decade he moved back and forth several times a year between schools and college in England and his parents' home in California. He won academic scholarships to Eton, Oxford University and Harvard, graduating with a Congratulatory Double First at Oxford, with the highest marks of any student in the university,[citation needed] and teaching writing and literature at Harvard before joining Time in 1982 as a writer on world affairs. Read More

Top Selling Books of Pico Iyer:

1. Abandon: A Romance

2.The Global Soul

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Parmanand Gupta: An Indian Books Author

PARMANAND GUPTA passed M.Sc.(Mathematics) examination in 1974 from Delhi University. After passing Pre. Ph.D. examination as a C.S.I.R. fellow at IIT Delhi, he joined a degree college and is presently. Read More

Top Selling Books of Parmanand Gupta:

1. Topics in Ordinary Differential Equations

2. Comprehensive Discrete Mathematics

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Norman Vincent Peale: Popular Books Author

Norman Vincent Peale is the author of forty-six books, including the international bestseller The Power of Positive Thinking. One of the most influentianl clergymen of his time, Dr Peale's legacy continues today through the peale Center for Christian Living, the Outreach Division of Guideposts.

Top Selling Books of Norman Vincent Peale:

1. Power of Positive Living

2. Enthusiasm Makes the Difference

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Namita Gokhale: An Indian Books Author

Namita Gokhale was born in 1956. She is the author of four novels-Paro: Dreams of Passion; Gods, Graves, and Grandmother; A Himalayan Love Story; and The Book of non-fiction-Mountain Echoes and The Book of Shiva. Namita Gokhale lives in New Delhi.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of Namita Gokhale:

1. Paro

2. The Book of Shadows

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Matthew MacDonald: A Computer Books Author

Matthew MacDonald is one of my favorite technical authors so I was very happy to hear that he was writing a book on WPF. I've been a big fan of one of his other books (Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005) for many years. I use it like a bible. To cut to the chase, Matthew has done it again. Pro WPF, though doesn't fit in your pocket very well since it's 980 pages is great. It carefully explains topics in WPF that are not easy to explain. I have to say I did not understand dependency properties very well until I read that section and it really cleared things up for me. Read More

Top Selling Books of Matthew Mac Donald:

1. Creating Web Sites

2. The Book of Visual Basic 2005

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Madeleine Brent: An English Writer

Peter O'Donnell (born April 11, 1920 in Lewisham, London), is a British writer of mysteries and of comic strips, best known as the creator of Modesty Blaise, a female action hero / undercover trouble-shooter / enforcer. He is also an historical romance novelist who wrote under the female pseudonym Madeleine Brent.

O'Donnell began to write professionally prior to World War II at the age of 16. From 1938 and during the war he served as an NCO in mobile radio detachment (3 Corps) of Royal Signals Corps in 9th army in Persia in 1942. Afterwards his unit was moved to Syria, Egypt, the Western Desert, Italy, and Greece in October 1944. More Info

Top Selling Books of Madeleine Brent:

1. Golden Urchin

2. The Capricorn Stone

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Krishna Baldev Vaid: An Indo USA Writer

Krishna Baldev Vaid was born in India in 1927. He was educated in India and at Harvard, where he obtained a Ph.D. in 1961. He is currently a professor of English at the State University of New York at Potsdam. He has published several novels and collections in Hindi, and has served as his own translator into English. His publications include Steps in Darkness, Bimal in Bog, and Silence and Other Stories. He is regarded as one of the most important and controversial Hindi writers. More Information

Top Selling Books of Krishna Baldev Vaid:

1. Nar Nari

2. Bhookh Aag Hai

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Kenneth Norman Anderson (born 1921) was an American editor and author. Among his books are Today's Health Guide (1965) and Field and Stream Guide to Physical Fitness (1969). More Info

Top Selling Books of Kenneth Anderson:


2. Secrets of sex

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John Milton: An English Poet

John Milton (9 December 1608 – 8 November 1674) was an English poet, prose polemicist and civil servant for the Commonwealth of John MiltonEngland. Best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost, Milton is also known for his treatise condemning censorship, Areopagitica. Very soon after his death (and continuing to the present day) Milton became the subject of partisan biographies, confirming T. S. Eliot's belief that "of no other poet is it so difficult to consider the poetry simply as poetry, without our theological and political dispositions... making unlawful entry". Read More

Top Selling books of John Milton:

1. Minor Poems

2. Samson Agonistes

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Dr. Bhagwati Sharan Mishra is a retired I.A.S. Dr. Mishra was born on 27th of March 1939 in a highly spiritual family. He is a well known writer and novelist who has made his mark in Hindi literature. His book Peetambara has been adjudged to be one of the hundred great books of Hindi right from the Bhartendu-age. He has about 72 big and small volumes to his credit some of them running in to 600 to 800 pages. Dr. Mishra is a multilinguist with total command over Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Bengali, Maithili and Bhojpuri. His other important English publications include: 1) In Defence of Non sense & 2) Local Taxation in a Developing Economy.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of Dr. Bhagwati Sharan Mishra:

1. Dekh Kabira Roya

2. Pawanputra

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Dasgupta: An Indian Books Author

Prosenjit Das Gupta was educated at St. Xavier's Collegiate School and Presidency College in Calcutta. He has been in service in trade and industry since 1966. Das Gupta's articles on folk crafts and wildlife conservation have appeared in several leading newspapers and magazines. He has a keen interest in photography and travel, and is the author of 10 Walks in Calcutta and Walks in the Wild.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of Dasgupta:

1. INDIRA GANDHI:The story of Leaders


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D. H. Lawrence: An English Books Writer

David Herbert Richards Lawrence (11 September 1885 – 2 March 1930) was an English writer of the early 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, and literary criticism. His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialization. In them, Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, human sexuality and instinct.

Lawrence's opinions earned him many enemies and he endured official persecution, censorship, and misrepresentation of his creative work throughout the second half of his life, much of which he spent in a voluntary exile he called his "savage pilgrimage."[1] At the time of his death, his public reputation was that of a pornographer who had wasted his considerable talents. E. M. Forster, in an obituary notice, challenged this widely held view, describing him as, "The greatest imaginative novelist of our generation." More Info

Top Selling books of D. H. Lawrence:



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BASAVARAJ NAIKAR: An Indian Creative Writer

Basavaraj Naikar (b. 1949), M.A., Ph.D., D. Litt. (California), Professor and Chairman, Department of English, Karnatak University, Dharwad is a bilingual critic and creative writer. He has published several reviews and research articles both in Kannada and in English in national and international journals. He reviews the Indian literary works regularly for World Literature Today (Oklahoma, USA). He has translated many works from Kannada into English and vice versa. His specializations in teaching and research include Indian English Literature, Indian Literature in English Translation, American Literature, Commonwealth Literature. Anglo-Indian Literature, Religious Literature. Translation Theory and Practice and Creative Writing. He has a passion for music and philosophy in general. His the Thief of Nagarahalli and Other Stories and first historical-political novel, The Sun behind the Cloud dealing with the colonial encounter between Bhaskararao Bhave of Peshwa dynasty and the East India Company's authorities around 1857 have captured the attention of readers and critics. His Kannada publications include Paduvana Nadina Premavira, Kollada Neralu, Huchchuhole, Jogibhavi (staged, broadvast, telecast and prescribed as textbook for B.A. degree), Nigudha Saudha, Goverdhanaram, Asangata, Kannada Asangata Natakagalu, Samrachanavada, Beowulf, Gilgamesh Sahitya Charitre.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of Basavaraj Naikar:



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Anita Nair: A Popular Indian English Writer

Anita Nair is a popular Indian-English writer. She was born at Mundakottakurissi, near Shornur in Kerala State. She was working as the creative director of an advertising agency in Bangalore when she wrote her first book, a collection of short stories called Satyr of the Subway, which she sold to Har-Anand Press. The book won her a fellowship from the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. Her second book was published by Penguin India, and was the first book by an Indian author to be published by Picador USA. Her books have been published in several languages around the world. She lives in Bangalore. Read More

Top Selling Books of Anita Nair:

1. Ladies Coup

2. Mistress

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Agrawal: An Indian Books Author

C.M. Agrawal (b. 1954), M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt. did B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. in History in 1973 & 1975 respectively and stood first in first class. He was awarded three merit scholarships, the National Scholarship, a Gold Medal and U.G.C. Fellowship. In 1978 he began his career as a Lecturer in History, Kumaun University Campus, Almora. He received Ph.D. and D.Litt. degrees in 1979 and 1985 respectively. His published works include: Aurangzeb and his Wazirs; Great Natural Calamities; Hindu Officers under Akbar; Medieval Researches; Golu Devata: The God of Justice of Kumaun Himalayas; History of Kumaun, Vols. I & II; Dimensions of Indian Womanhood Vols. I, II & III; Yugayugeen Bharatiya Nari; Shikhar: Salutations to the Himalayas; Soldier (in English); Soldier (in Hindi); Behind the Curtain; Uttaranchal ke Anchal se; Yugayugeen Uttaranchal; Nari va Samaj; Adhi Duniya ka Astitga; Nari: Antardarpan va Samaj; Uttaranchal ke Sanidhya men; Sanskriti: Glimpses of Indian Culture, Vol. I & II; Hamari Samskriti Hamari Virasat; Dimensions of Uttaranchal. He has also contributed more than three dozen research papers to national and international conferences and seminars. Eighteen Research Scholars have got Ph.D. Degree under his supervision. Dr. Agrawal chaired the 44th session of the 17th Annual Conference on South Asia at the University of Wisconsin, Madison U.S.A. in Nov. 1988. He again visited U.S.A. in Nov. 1989 to attend the next session of the above Conference.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books Of Agrawal:


2. Caravan to Tibet

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Usha Jesudasan is a writer and mother to Jamie, John and Mallika. Much of my working life has been spent at the grassroots bridging the gap between people, cultures and faiths. As a journalist and broadcaster, I have spoken and written for a world wide youth audience on values that shape and achieve harmony in personal and community life. Read More

 Top Selling Books of Usha Jesudasan:

1. Healing as Empowerment: Discovering Grace in Community

2. Childs Path : Book 5 [A Child's Path]

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Thomas Hardy: An English Novelist

Thomas Hardy, OM (2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928) was an English novelist, short story writer, and poet of the naturalist movement, though Thomas Hardyhe saw himself as a poet and wrote novels mainly for financial gain only. The bulk of his work, set mainly in the semi-fictional land of Wessex, delineates characters struggling against their passions and circumstances. Hardy's poetry, first published in his fifties, has come to be as well regarded as his novels, especially after The Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

Thomas Hardy was born at Higher Bockhampton, a hamlet in the parish of Stinsford to the east of Dorchester in Dorset, England. His father worked as a stonemason and local builder. His mother was ambitious and well read and for the most part, educated Thomas as a boy until he went to his first school at Bockhampton at age 8. His schooling ended at the age of 16 when he became apprenticed to John Hicks, a local architect. Hardy trained as an architect in Dorchester before moving to London in 1862. There he enrolled as a student at King's College London. He won prizes from the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architectural Association. He never truly felt at home in London and when he returned five years later to Dorset he decided to dedicate himself to writing. More Information

Top Selling Books of Thomas Hardy:


2. The Mayor of Casterbridge

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Sudhir Kakar is a psychoanalyst and writer who lives in Goa, India. Kakar took his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Gujarat Sudhir KakarUniversity, his Master’s degree (Diplom-Kaufmann) in business economics from Mannheim in Germany and his doctorate in economics from Vienna before beginning his training in psychoanalysis at the Sigmund-Freud Institute in Frankfurt, Germany in 1971. Read More

Top Selling books of Sudhir Kakar:

1. The Colours of Violence

2. Ascetic of Desire

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Shubha Tiwari: An Indian Author

Shubha Tiwari, M.A., Ph.D., is a faculty member at the Department of English, A.P.S. University, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. She edits an annual literary magazine Zenith. She has to her credit about twenty-five published research papers. Her areas of interest are interdisciplinary approach to the study of literature, inspirational literature, recent fiction and women's studies.

Top Selling books of Shubha Tiwari:



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S.A. Siddiqui: An Indian Books Author

Anjum Siddiqui is the Author of international publications in the areas of monetary policy, finance, debt and deficits, and energy economics. His interests in business competitiveness and governance have led to publications on leadership and restructuring issues. He has been senior executive vice president and chief economist of the national bank of Pakistan. He was consultant to the reserve bank of New Zealand, and also at the university of Toronto and the Schulich School of Business at York University, Canada. He is the founder and coordinator of the Canadian centre for South Asian Studies.

Source: bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of S. A. Siddiqui:

1. Golden Social Science IX

2. Comprehensive Project Work in Social Science IX

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S.R. Maheshwari is Former Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, and Former Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research.

Source: bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of S. R. Maheshwari:

1. State Governments in India

2. The Machinery of Governance in India

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Carl Gustav Jung: A Swiss Psychiatrist

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology.Carl Gustav Jung

Jung's approach to psychology has been influential in the field of depth psychology and in countercultural movements across the globe. He emphasized understanding the psyche through exploring the worlds of dreams, art, mythology, world religion and philosophy. Although he was a theoretical psychologist and practicing clinician, much of his life's work was spent exploring other areas, including Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, astrology, sociology, as well as literature and the arts. His most notable ideas include the concept of psychological archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity. More Information

Top Selling books of Carl Gustav Jung:

1. On the Nature of the Psyche

2. Dreams

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Howard Murphet was a follower of Sathya Sai Baba and the author of several books about him.

Murphet and his wife travelled to India to visit the international headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, Madras and also wanted to discover if there was any deeper spiritual dimension in the life of modern India. They heard about Sai Baba from a wandering yogi. Howard Murphet met Sai Baba in 1966. During those days, it was a very difficult journey to the village of Puttaparthi; he had to travel by bus from Madras to Bangalore, followed by journey through roads of broken rocks ending with a ride on bullock-cart, or on foot across slushy fields of paddy.

One of the first people he met at the ashram was Narayana Kasturi. During the next few days, he was invited to several group interviews. Read More

Top Selling Books of Howard Murphet:

1. Where the Road Ends

2. The Lights of Home

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George Eliot: An English Novelist

Mary Ann (Marian) Evans (22 November 1819 – 22 December 1880), better known by her pen name George Eliot, was an English novelist. She George Eliotwas one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. Her novels, largely set in provincial England, are well known for their realism and psychological perspicacity.

She used a male pen name, she said, to ensure that her works were taken seriously. Female authors published freely under their own names, but Eliot wanted to ensure that she was not seen as merely a writer of romances. An additional factor may have been a desire to shield her private life from public scrutiny and to prevent scandals attending her relationship with the married George Henry Lewes. More Info

Top Selling Books of George Eliot:



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Garg: An Indian Books Author

Anu Garg (born April 5, 1967), an author and speaker, is best known as the founder of Wordsmith.org, an online community comprising word lovers from an estimated 200 countries. His books explore the joy of words. He has authored A Word A Day: A Romp Through Some of the Most Unusual and Intriguing Words, Another Word a Day and The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two: The Hidden Lives and Strange Origins of Common and Not-So-Common Words. He writes about language-related issues for magazines and newspapers and speaks internationally. He is a columnist for MSN Encarta and Kahani magazine.

Garg was born in rural India. His school took place under the shade of a mango tree, where a few broken sticks of chalk and a blackboard made by painting a flat piece of wood with soot completed his classroom. The only language he knew was Hindi, and he did not see a library until he went to college. Read More

Top Selling books of Garg:



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Deepak Chopra (born October 22, 1946) is an Indian medical doctor and writer. He has written extensively on spirituality and diverse topics in mind-body medicine. Chopra says that he has been influenced by the teachings of Vedanta and the Bhagavad Gita, as well as by Jiddu Krishnamurti,[1] and by the field of quantum physics. Deepak Chopra has had a profound influence on the New Thought Movement that has embraced him in America.

Chopra was born in New Delhi. His father, Dr. (Col) K. L. Chopra, was a cardiologist in Mool Chand K. R. Hospital, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi (India) and served as a lieutenant in the British army. Chopra's grandfather practiced Ayurveda. He completed his primary education at St. Columba's School in New Delhi and eventually graduated from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Read More

Top Selling Books of Deepak Chopra:

1. Creating Affluence

2. Quantum Healing

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Russi M. Lala: An Indian Journalist

Russi M. Lala began his career as a journalist in 1948, at the age of nineteen. Shortly after this, he became an executive in a book publishing house. In 1959 he became the manager of the first Indian book publishing house in London and in 1964 he founded (with Rajmohan Gandhi) the newsweekly Himmat, which he edited for a decade. He published his first book, The Creation of Wealth: The Tata Story, to critical and commercial acclaim in 1981. This was followed by Encounters with the Eminent (1981); The Heartbeat of a Trust (1984); In Search of Leadership (1986); Beyond the Last Blue Mountain: A Life of J.R.D. Tata (1992); The Joy of Achievement: Conversations with J.R.D. Tata (1995) and Celebration of the Cells: Letters from a Cancer Survivor (1999).

Top selling books of Russi M. Lala:

1. A Touch of Greatness: Encounters with the Eminent

2. Celebration of the Cells: Letters from a Cancer

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Manish Goyal: An Indian Books Author

Manish Goyal is equipped with an extraordinary calibre and appreciable academic potency. He has always been a topper throughout his educational career. He secured 14th position in U.P. Merit in Intermediate Examination, 1994. He topped the University in 1997 in B.Sc. and in 1999 in M.Sc. He started his teaching career in September, 1999 from GLAITM, Mathura and is enjoying as the seniormost faculty in the department of Mathematics there at present. He has written more than a dozen books during such a short span. His book on CBNST has widely been acclaimed. A number of national works are in his hand at the moment. He has enrolled himself as a research scholar in the field of Fluid Dynamics. He is a very successful teacher. No doubt he is the first choice of the students. The welfare of students in his works. He never compromises with the tough presentation of the subject matter. He has high hopes to be fulfilled in the near future.

Top Selling books of Manish Goyal:

1. Examination Papers in Engineering Mathematics (UPTU-Semester I)

2. Topics in Mathematics II (Bangalore University, Karnataka)

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Joseph Conrad: An English Novelist

Joseph Conrad (born Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, 3 December 1857 – 3 August 1924) was a Polish-born English novelist. Many critics Joseph Conradregard him as one of the greatest novelists in the English language—a fact that is remarkable as he did not learn to speak English fluently until he was in his twenties (and always with a Polish accent).

Conrad is recognized as a master prose stylist. Some of his works have a strain of romanticism, but more importantly he is recognized as an important forerunner of modernist literature. His narrative style and anti-heroic characters have influenced many writers, including Ernest Hemingway, D. H. Lawrence, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Graham Greene, William S. Burroughs, Joseph Heller, V.S. Naipaul, Italo Calvino and J. M. Coetzee. Read More

Top Selling Books of Joseph Conrad:

1. Typhoon and Other Stories

2. Lord Jim

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Harivanshrai "Bachchan" Srivastav (November 27, 1907 – January 18, 2003) was a distinguished Hindi poet of Chhayavaad literary movement (romantic upsurge) of early 20th century Hindi literature. He is best known for his early work Madhushala. He is also the father of BolHarivansh Rai Bachchanlywood film superstar, Amitabh Bachchan.

He was born as Harivanshrai Srivastav into a U.P. Kayasth family on November 27, 1907, at a small village (of Patti, in district of Pratapgarh, U.P.) near Allahabad in the United Provinces (modern Uttar Pradesh). He was called "bachchan" (meaning 'child') at home. He received his formal schooling in a municipal school and followed the family tradition of attending Kayasth Paathshaalas to learn Urdu as the first step to a career in law. More Information

Top Selling Books of Harivanshrai Bachchan:

1. Nisha Nimantran

2. Madhubala

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Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, OM (5 September 1888 – 17 April 1975), was an Indian philosopher and statesman.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

One of the popular scholars of comparative religion and philosophy, he was among the scholars of 20th century that built a bridge between Eastern and Western thought showing each to be comprehensible within the terms of the other. He introduced Western idealism into Indian philosophy and provided substantial exegesis of India's religious and philosophical literature to English speaking people. His academic appointments included the King George V Chair of Mental and Moral Science at the University of Calcutta (1921-?) and Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics at Oxford University (1936-1952). Read More

Top Selling Books of  Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan:

1. Bhartiya Sanskriti: Kuchh Vichar

2. Gautam Buddha: Jeevan Aur Darshan

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Dr. R.K. Bansal: An Indian Books Author

Dr. R.K. Bansal is Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi. He is the Head of Deptt. of Mech. Engg. of University of Delhi and also Dean (U.G. Studies) of Delhi College of Engg., Delhi. He has been in teaching profession for over 35 years. He obtained his M.Tech Degree with Hons. from I.I.T., Delhi and Ph.D from the University of Delhi. He guided Ph.D. Thesis and many M.E. projects. He has a number of research papers to his credit and was awarded certificates of Merits for his two papers by the Insttution of Engineers (India). He is the author of Six Engineering Text Books and was awarded Ist EVER "Distinguished Authors Award" in 1999 (7th August, 1999) by F.E.P.I. (Federation of Educational Publishers in India). His field of specialization is Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machines and Finite Element Method.

Top Selling Books of Dr. R.K. Bansal:

1. A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics

2. Mechanics of Solids

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Ashok Desai: An Indian Books Author

Ashok Desai  shows how Indias industrial structure differs from the structure in industrial countries, and how the proliferation of small firms leads to a fragmentation of the Indian demand for technology and cuts down the benefits of technology imports.

Martin Bell and Don Scott-Kemmis wonder whether a commercial and shortsighted approach to technology imports leads Indian firms to miss opportunities of growth and exports.

Charles Cooper finds that multinational corporations are happier with their experience than smaller exporters of technology to India, and asks whether Indian policies and procedures favour big firms against small and reduce technology supply to India.

Top Selling Books of Ashok Desai:

1. Energy Economics

2. Oil and Gas|

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Charles Townsend: A Well Known Books Author

Dr. Charles R. Townsend, Professor of History at West Texas A&M University, is the author of the definitive biography of Bob Wills, San Antonio Rose: The Life and Music of Bob Wills (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1976). In 1975, Townsend won a Grammy Award for his brochure notes accompanying the album Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys for the Last Time.  More Information

Top Selling books of Charles Townsend:

1. The World's Biggest Puzzle Book

2. Edwin Booth

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Ashok K. Banker: An Indian Books Author

Ashok K. Banker is a well-known Indian writer. for the past few years, he has been working full-time to realise his childhood dream of retelling the great tales of the Vedic Age. He plans to follow the Ramayana with imaginative retellings of the tales of Krishna, Ganesha, and the world's longest epic, the Mahabharata. Ashok is married with two children, and lives in Mumbai.

Source: bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of Ashok K. Banker:

1. King of Ayodhya: Book 6 of the Ramayana

2. Vertigo

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Ashish Mohan Khokar: An Indian Books Author

Ashish Mohan Khokar's voice carries a stamp of authority, as aseasoned ommentator on Indian dance. He hails from the first family of dance in India. His father, the late Mohan Khokar, is universally accepted as a pioneering scholar of Indian dance and created India's largest archive on dance. His mother, M.K. Saroja, is a veteran Bharatanatyam dancer and guru.


Top Selling Books of Ashish Mohan Khokar:



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Arun Kumar: An Indian Books Author

Arun Kumar, B.Com. (Hons.), LL.B., F.C.A. AMIMA, is working on various senior positions in multinational corporations. He has utilised his wide experience in management for writing a number of books on Theory and Practice of Management.

Top Selling Books of Arun Kumar:



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U.N. Gupta: An Indian Author

U.N. Gupta, LL.M., D.Phil., has been Vice Chancellor of the Allahabad University and before that he was Professor of Law, Head of Law Department and Dean of Law Faculty in the Allahabad University. He has specialized in Constitutional Law and Public International law. He has had over thirty-five years teaching experience of Post-Graduate (LL.M.) classes beginning in 1958, and of guiding and examining Research Thesis of various Universities of India. Five scholars were awarded D.Phil. degrees under him.

Source: Bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of U.N. Gupta:


2. THE LAW OF THE SEA( Volume I )

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Sunil Kumar Sarker: An Indian Author

Sunil Kumar Sarker holds Ph.D. in both English and Philosophy, and is a Reader in Raiganj (University) College. So far, he has published twelve books, most of which are on English literature.

Top Selling Books of Sunil Kumar Sarker:



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R.K. Gupta: An Indian Author

Shri R.K. Gupta, is a disciple of one of the greatest saints of the Naqshbandi Order Thakur Ram Singh Ji, an officer in the Police Department of the erstwhile Jaipur State, who earned his livelihood by the sweat of his brow and reared his family.

Source: bagchee.com

Top Selling Books of R.K. Gupta:

1. Golden English VI

2. Comprehensive Test Papers (File-System) English IX In Two Volumes

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Stephan Schiffman: Management Consultant

Stephan Schiffman has been a leader in motivational and sales training since 1979. He is a Certified Management Consultant, and has trained and consulted to a wide range of corporations including IBM, AT&T, Motorola, Sprint, DHL, and a host of other organizations throughout the world. He has trained over 500,000 professionals in over 9,000 companies. Stephan Schiffman's business acumen has a solid foundation. Before founding D.E.I Management group he was a broadcasting executive and an account executive for a brokerage firm. As the Director of Training and Development for an international organization, he created and conducted training programs for thousands of people throughout the world. Since his programs have been integrated into the sales culture of major corporations, Steve is frequently asked to be a guest on national radio and television shows. Steve is the author of over 30 best selling sales books: Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), The Consultant's Handbook, and many more!! More Info

Top Selling Books of Stephan Schiffman:

1: Mastering Your Key Accounts

2: Getting Through

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Shashi Deshpande: An Indian Novelist

Shashi Deshpande (b.1938), is an award-winning Indian novelist. She is the second daughter of famous Kannada dramatist and writerShashi Deshpande Shriranga. She was born in Karnataka and educated in Bombay (now Mumbai) and Bangalore. Deshpande has degrees in Economics and Law. When she was living in Mumbai she did a course on journalism at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and worked for a couple of months as a journalist for the magazine 'Onlooker'.

She published her first collection of short stories in 1978, and her first novel, 'The Dark Holds No Terror', in 1980. She is a winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award for the novel 'That Long Silence'. Her works also include children's books. Read More

Top Selling Books of Shashi Deshpande:

1: A Matter of Time

2: The Dark Holds No Terrors

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Dr. Rajendra Kumar Sharma (born 1962), M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., U.G.C. Research Fellow, Panjab University, Chandigarh (1985-1988), worked in I.C.S.S.R. Sponsored Project (1987) on Overseas Indian Entrepreneurs in Kenya . He is LMI : Indian Sociological Society, Uttar Pradesh Samaj Shastra Parishad, Indian Research Association, U.P. Darshan Parishad. He is author of dozens of papers and books on Sociology both in Hindi and English. Dr. Sharma has utilised his experience of teaching Sociology to Post-graduate and Under-graduate students for writing ideal textbooks both in Hindi and English on almost all the papers taught in this subject at Indian Universities. He taught at N.A.S. P.G. College, Meerut (1987-1991). At present he is Lecturer at N.R.E.C. (P.G.) College, Ch. Charan Singh University.

Top Selling Books of Rajendra Kumar Sharma:



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Osho: A Professor Of Philosophy

"Rajneesh" Chandra Mohan Jain (December 11, 1931 – January 19, 1990), also known as Acharya Rajneesh from the 1960s onwards, callingOsho himself Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh during the 1970s and 1980s and taking the name Osho in 1989, was an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher.

A professor of philosophy, he travelled throughout India in the 1960s as a public speaker, raising controversy by speaking against socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and institutionalised religion. He advocated a more open attitude towards sexuality, a stance that earned him the sobriquet "sex guru" in the Indian and later the international press. In 1970, he settled for a while in Mumbai (Bombay). He began initiating disciples (known as neo-sannyasins) and took on the role of a spiritual teacher. In his discourses, he reinterpreted writings of religious traditions, mystics and philosophers from around the world. Moving to Pune (Poona) in 1974, he established an ashram that attracted increasing numbers of Westerners. Read More

Top Selling Books of Osho:

1: The Great Challenge: Exploring the World Within

2: The Book of Woman

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